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February 2008 - Ref: M01-07

Motic Microscope Assists with QinetiQ Research

SMZ-168 TLMotic has recently installed a SMZ-168 Zoom Microscope in the Fuel and Lubricants Centre at QinetiQ, in Farnborough. The installation of this microscope is assisting in QinetiQ's research of the analysis of wear debris of an aircraft's engine and lubrication system. The microscope also includes a 3 Megapixel Digital Camera & 'Advanced 3.2 Image Analysis Software' package and the optional polarised illumination kit.

The Advanced 3.2 Software enables users to customise their criteria for the filter process by segmenting images manually with thresholds for red, green, blue and grey. The Advanced 3.2 software also includes Extra Depth Focusing (EDF) & Large Image Assembly. The SMZ-168 boasts a zoom magnification range of 0.75X- 5X and a zoom ratio of 1: 67.

“We chose this Motic Zoom Microscope as we felt it was an excellent package and fantastic value for money,” comments Tim Nowell, Senior Scientist, Fuel and Lubricants Centre, QinetiQ. “We are very impressed by the quality of the Motic Microscope and we believe that the image analysis is very useful when examining and segmenting the different wear debris particles for our research. It is critical that we are able to have precision and accuracy in the findings of our research as this will affect the safety of aircraft mechanics.”

Graham Moss, Motic Europe commented: “We are delighted to have supplied QinetiQ with our SMZ-168 Zoom Microscope and to be able to assist in such a key project. I can see how this package will benefit QinetiQ's research as it has the ability to capture images at different focal depths so enabling the user to look at detail different depths of the debris.”

This Microscope is one of a range of microscopes which Motic manufacture. The complete package costs approximately £3,000. Other microscopes include: DMW143 Precision Zoom Stereo Digital, ST-30 range of Binocular Stereo microscopy at different magnifications, and the SMZ-140 versatile series of microscopes. Motic also offer the Moticam 2000 and 2300, these lightweight high-resolution USB 2 digital cameras come complete with comprehensive software & attach to any microscope.

Companies requesting more information or details of this microscope or any other in the Motic range, should in the first instance contact Graham Moss Motic Northern Europe Sales, for local dealer contact details via e mail at

Photographs are available on request.


20th August 2008 Ref: M02-08

Neurodegeneration Research Helped by Motic Microscope

BA 400 MicroscopeMotic has recently supplied an Epi-Fluorescence BA 400 Microscope which is assisting in the research into neurodegenerative diseases, at Kings College London. The microscope is being used to identify very small structures in fruit flies brains which are being tested to show how and why motor neurone diseases occur. The illumination system and the fluorescence microscopy of this equipment assist with the close examination of fly brains.

The fruit flies are being used due to their similarities with human genetic properties, also because they have a short life cycle and are easily genetically reproduced. The research involves closely monitoring the brain function of the fruit flies and using locomotion as a behavioural measurement. Tests are carried out on the fruit flies, such as their ability to climb, to examine the loss of motor neurones with age. A trial of drugs is also being given to the flies to see how they react and if a tremor is identified.

The externally mounted 30W halogen Koehler illumination system of the microscope provides bright and uniform lighting through the various contrast methods, enabling close and clear observation of the fruit flies brains. The upright BA 400 inverted 'Y' design stand allows an attachment of a reflective Epi-fluorescence illuminator. The microscope boasts three filter modules in which there is an additional blank filter module which enables the BA 400 to be used as a bright field and phase contrast microscope.

“The Motic Microscope was selected as it fulfilled all our requirements and was an excellent price,” comments Frank Hirth, Head of Research Group, at Denmark Hill, Kings College London. “We use the microscope on a daily basis and it enables us to conduct the bulk of our research, thus saving us both time and money before we need to book the slots to use confocal microscopes which are very expensive.”

Graham Moss, Motic Europe commented: “We are delighted to be involved in this exciting research on motor neurone diseases. The BA 400 is a versatile microscope as it can easily be transformed into a fluorescence microscopy platform enabling it to be both a space and budget saving device.”

Should further information be required on this microscope or any other in the Motic range, please contact Graham Moss at Motic Northern Europe Sales, via email at for local dealer contact details.

A grant from The Royal Society has enabled the Motic Microscope to be obtained. The Medical Research Council, Motor Neurone Disease Association UK and the Parkinsons Disease Society UK also fund research in Dr. Hirth's laboratory.

Photographs are available on request.


About Motic:

Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialising in the manufacturing of conventional optical microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co. Ltd, the company has grown globally with sales offices in the US, Canada, Germany and Spain and a manufacturing base in China. In 1998, the company developed the manufacture of digital microscopy solutions, digital imagery products and application software. It is now one of the leading brand names in digital microscopy and has increased its workforce to over 2,500.