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Motic Bioscience Education Microscopes – Student Microscopes to Fit every Budget & Application from GDC Microscopes

SMZ-168 TL

  • Motic Biological/Bioscience Education Microscopes
  • Motic 1801/Motic 1801 Motic 1802 / Motic 1802 - LED Series Education Microscope
  • Motic 2801R/Motic 2802R / Motic 2820R Series Bioscience Education Microscope
  • Motic PM-1805/Motic PM-2805 Petrographic Microscope
  • Motic B1-211A/Motic B1-220A/B1-223A Biological Education Microscope
  • Motic B1-220ASC/Motic B1-223ASC Biological Education Microscope
  • Motic B3-220ASCMotic B3-223ASC/Motic B3-220PL / Motic B3-223PL
  • Motic DM-1802A/ Motic DMBA 200/Motic DMBA 300 Digital Microscopes

Motic Biological education student microscopes are widely recognised as the No 1 selling education microscope brand in the world. Solid, reliable design & construction, excellent optical quality and competitive GDC microscopes price make Motic microscope package a compelling choice in today’s education microscope marketplace. GDC Microscopes import & distribute Motic microscope products, offering local partnership installation & training support when required.

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Motic Bioscience Education Digital Microscope budget microscopesolutions

Motic DM-1802-A digital compound microscope with built in 1.3 megapixel camera sensor, the USB 2 output links to the supplied Motic Images 2.0 software for image capture, measurement & image annotation features. Motic Images 2.0 software is PC XP & Vista also Mac compatible.

DMBA 200 & DMBA 300 Digital Laboratory Microscope series

DMBA 200 & DMBA 300 are perfect as a master classroom presentation microscopes with high resolution colour images captured or viewed live via the integrated digital camera sensor in the microscope head which is output via USB 2.0 to a suitable computer screen / whiteboard projector.

Close up to Pond & Insect Life under the microscope – Motic Education Stereo Microscopes from GDC Microscopes

  • Low cost Motic stereo microscopes for amateur microscopy enthusiasts
  • Motic ST-39C-N9GO Student stereo Microscope 20x & 40x magnification
  • Motic ST-39Z-N9GO Student Stereo Microscope 10x & 30x magnification
  • Motic DM39C-N9GO-A Digital Stereo Microscope 20x & 40x magnification

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The Motic ST-39C stereo series & DM39C Digital stereo for education offers the microscope enthusiast a low cost entry to stereo microscopy. The ST & DM Microscope has integrated incident & transmitted illumination. The Motic DM39C is a complete digital stereo microscope with colour image capture. The Motic DM39C incorporates a 1.3 mega pixel sensor & PC compatible Motic Images 2.0 software for colour image capture, with measurement & annotation software functions.

About Motic:

Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialising in the manufacturing of conventional optical microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co. Ltd, the company has grown globally with sales offices in the US, Canada, Germany and Spain and a manufacturing base in China. In 1998, the company developed the manufacture of digital microscopy solutions, digital imagery products and application software. It is now one of the leading brand names in digital microscopy and has increased its workforce to over 2,500