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SMZ-168 TL

Microscope Illuminators GDC Photonic Optics microscope illumination products

  • Photonic Optic Fibre Optic Microscope Light Source PL 2000
  • Photonic Optic Fibre Optic Microscope Light Source PL 3000
  • Photonic LED Microscope Ringlight
  • Photonic LED Segmented Microscope Ringlight
  • Photonic F1 LED Microscope Light Source
  • Photonic LED Hi Power Spot Light Source
  • Schott Fibre Light Guide Compatible

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Motic Illumination microscopes

The photonic microscope illumination products include the PL 2000 100 watt & PL 3000 150 watt Fibre optic Light sources. The latest Photonic LED Microscope illuminator systems are now also a very popular alternative for microscopy & macro imaging applications. The LED microscope light source options include the latest LED high power F1 photonic microscope light source. The Photonic F1 LED microscope light source accepts photonic range of fibre optic continuous Ringlight light guides & fibre optic flexible & rigid gooseneck light guides. For customers who want to upgrade their existing Schott fibre optic microscope light source to the new generation Photonic F1 LED microscope light source, an adapter is available for the LED F1 to accept Schott fibre optic light guides & Schott fibre optic ringlight light guides.

The Photonic LED microscope light source range also includes the LED 15 spot light with variable intensity controller, the LED spotlight may be attached to a gooseneck arm & heavy base or fixed to a microscope focus arm or bench stand.

The Photonic LED Ringlight options include both fixed & segmented LED Ringlight allowing switching of LED light angle to illuminate different features of samples under inspection or measurement. These are perfect for micro electronics, Metrology applications, Palaeontology, entomology, Life sciences microscopy & Forensics microscopy applications where quality & angle of light are all important to distinguish fine microscopic details & highlight features of interest under the microscope.

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About Motic:

Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialising in the manufacturing of conventional optical microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co. Ltd, the company has grown globally with sales offices in the US, Canada, Germany and Spain and a manufacturing base in China. In 1998, the company developed the manufacture of digital microscopy solutions, digital imagery products and application software. It is now one of the leading brand names in digital microscopy and has increased its workforce to over 2,500