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SMZ-168 TL

  • Motic SMZ 140 Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • Motic SMZ 168 Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Motic K Series CMO High Resolution Stereo Microscope
  • Motic K Series DSK 500 Teaching / Training Stereo Microscope

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of Motic Stereo zoom Microscopes

The GDC Microscopes range of Motic Stereo zoom Microscopes are closely associated with electronics inspection & reworking applications. Motic stereo microscopes are probably now the No 1 choice for many OEM / reseller companies retrofitting Stereo Zoom Microscope optics to microelectronic equipment such as Dage Pull Testers, K & S Wire Bonders & Wentworth Probe Stations.

Motic Zoom Stereo microscopes include the budget stereo zoom microscope SMZ 140 series with a standard zoom ratio of 10x – 40x magnification with 10x Eyepieces.

Motic SMZ 168 Series with a standard zoom ratio of 7.5x – 50x magnification with 10x eyepieces the exceptional working distance of 113mm that this Motic microscope model provides operators with usable reworking space under the microscope.

The SMZ 140 & SMZ 168 series options include standard eyepiece inclination of 45 degree for typical bench microscope applications. Motic microscopes also manufacturer SMZ 140 zoom stereo microscope & the SMZ 168 Zoom Stereo Microscopes with a 60 degree angle eyepiece tube for OEM machine mounting applications.

The Motic SMZ 140 & SMZ 168 stereo microscope series are available with Trinocular port for the addition of a video microscope camera or digital microscope camera for image capture / live viewing of microscope work area.

Surface mount device & PCB inspection & rework stereo microscope systems from GDC include the Maglok scanning / magnetic axis locking stage designed & manufactured in the UK also the SMD Gimble stage system, perfect for multi angle & rotation viewing of Surface mount devices (SMD). Please call / e mail GDC Microscopes to discuss your application.

Motic Bench Microscope stands with integral illumination or Industrial boom & swing arm stands provide a wide variety of microscope mounting to suit individual applications. GDC Microscopes microscope lighting options include the low cost Motic Fluorescent Ring illuminator with bright white light output. Photonics Fibre Optic illuminators & various light guides & continuous Ringlight guides.

The Photonic LED Ring & spot illumination systems are also very popular for electronics & general microscopy illumination applications including asbestos analysis, life sciences, marine biology microscopy, food research, geology & palaeontology.

Recent diverse SMZ 168 customer applications include: - Motic SMZ 168 microscope with digital camera & image analysis software system purchased by Dr Tim Nowell @ QinetiQ, Farnborough for aerospace lubrication wear debris analysis.

A number of entomologist microscopy enthusiasts & professional’s have purchased the Motic SMZ 168 zoom microscope from the GDC microscopes partnership. High performance optics, extended optical zoom range of 7.5x – 50x with 10x eyepieces, compact design & build quality are all present in the Motic SMZ 168. The competitive GDC microscopes price & 5 year RTS factory warranty are all features valued by our customers.

The Moticam 1000 digital microscope camera kit is also popular for use with stereo entomology microscopes used for identification & documentation of insect genitalia. You may be surprised to hear of an entomologist’s interest in insect genitalia, but we are reliably informed that this is often the only feature that correctly identifies different bug, moth & butterfly species. Local council pest control microscopy departments have also purchased Motic digital microscope systems for bug identification / investigation. Asbestos analysis is another area where SMZ series stereo zoom microscopes will aid identification & counting of asbestos fibre analysis through the microscope. These are just a few examples of the many diverse applications where Motic microscopes are in daily use making our small world of optical microscopy such an interesting experience.

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About Motic:

Motic was established in 1988 as a hi-tech industrial enterprise specialising in the manufacturing of conventional optical microscopes. Owned by Speed Fair Co. Ltd, the company has grown globally with sales offices in the US, Canada, Germany and Spain and a manufacturing base in China. In 1998, the company developed the manufacture of digital microscopy solutions, digital imagery products and application software. It is now one of the leading brand names in digital microscopy and has increased its workforce to over 2,500